The report was elaborated as part of the project Pro Victims Justice through an Enhanced Rights Protection and Stakeholders Cooperation. The project is coordinated by Pro Refugiu Association in partnership with Center for the Study of Democracy Bulgaria, Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony Germany, Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers Sweden and National Association of the Romanian Bars.
The report provides a detailed image of Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden legal framework, competent stakeholders to protect victims’ of crimes rights and ensure support, assistance throughout the complex judicial proceedings as are part of a criminal trial. Crime represents a violation of the individual rights of the victims and an unlawful act against society as a whole. Each country judicial system has its own particularities, some having a more or less victim centered-approach.
The report constitutes an overview of the most relevant stakeholders in Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Sweden with attributions in the protection of victims’ rights, access to justice, punishment of the perpetrators and assistance support services for the victims. The report is focusing on relevant stakeholders with competencies in several types of victims, based on each country particularities.
Victims’ effective access to justice depends to a large extent on the availability of the targeted victims’ support services. In practice not all the victims receive comprehensive assistance during and after the judicial proceedings.
The survey report contains a description of the competencies of institutions and non-governmental organizations, as not all the time it can be encountered a unique general institution or organization to cover the whole range of victims. The report ensures a broaden image of who is competent, based on the type of victim.

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Survey Report in English: Survey Report

D 2.3. Survey Report in Romanian

D 2.3. Survey Report in Bulgarian

D 2.3. Survey Report in German

D 2.3. Survey Report in Swedish

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