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Name of institution / organizationDescription of competencesCountryCityStreet name and numberPhone numberEmailWebsite
Ministry of JusticeIt is the specialized body of the central public administration, with legal personality, subordinated to the Government, which contributes to the proper functioning of the judiciary and to ensuring the conditions for the application of justice as a public service, the defense of the rule of law and citizens’ rights and freedoms.RomaniaBucharest17 Apolodor Street, District 5, 037 204
Public MinistryIt is part of the judicial authority; it represents the general interests of society and defends the rule of law and the rights and freedoms of citizens; it performs its powers through prosecutors constituted in prosecutor’s offices, according to the law. The Public Ministry includes: the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the Prosecutor’s Offices attached to the Courts of Appeal, the Prosecutor’s Offices attached to the Courts, the Prosecutor’s Offices attached to the Specialized Courts for Minors and Family, the Prosecutor’s Offices attached to the Courts of First Instance and Military Courts.RomaniaBucharest12 Libertăţii Blvd., District 5, 021.319.38.33; 021.319.38.56sesizare@mpublic.ro
Romanian Courts
The Court settles the cause of the judgment by ensuring the observance of the rights of the trial subjects and ensuring the administration of the evidence for the full clarification of the circumstances of the case in order to find out the truth, with full compliance with the law.Romania
Romanian BarsIn each of the 41 counties of Romania and in Bucharest, there is one Bar.Romania
The General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (GIRP)Coordinates and provides guidance for the enforcement measures to maintain public order and safety, citizen safety, to prevent and combat crime and to identify and counteract the actions of elements that affect the life, freedom, health and integrity of individuals, private and public property, as well as other legitimate community interests.
GIRP has subordinated a number of central and territorial units in all 41 counties of Romania and in Bucharest.
RomaniaBucharest6 Mihai Vodă Street, District 5, petitii@politiaromana.ro
National Agency against Trafficking in PersonsThe activity of the Agency is not coordinated by another institution, being a specialized structure subordinated to the Ministry of Home Affairs. It has powers of coordination, evaluation and monitoring at national level of the implementation of policies in the field of trafficking in human beings through public institutions, as well as those in the field of protection and assistance to victims.RomaniaBucharest20 Ion Câmpineanu Street, 5th Floor, District 1, 021 311 89 82
021 313 31 00
Pro Refugiu AssociationProvide legal. social, psychological assistance for victims of human trafficking. Trainings for legal, social, health professionals. Research on human trafficking and migration.RomaniaBucharest56 Calea Crângași Street0040732623218office@prorefugiu.org
ARTEMIS Association of Women against Violence Psychological counselling for women, sexually exploited children.

Legal counselling: applicants receive information about their rights and how they can exercise them, about possible legal procedures, as well as assistance in drafting documents.

Therapeutic, support or self-support groups (self-help)
RomaniaBaia Mare 17A Moldovei Street0262
Sensiblu FoundationThe Sensiblu Foundation provides social services to women and children victims of domestic violence within the "Casa Blu" programme.
The Casa Blu Programme is ongoing and provides victim support through two types of Centres:
A Counselling Centre , with a public address, where women and children may apply for their services both directly and through other NGOs with similar programmes. Women benefit from free services of social, psychological and legal counselling, representation in court, the settlement of forensic certificates.
A Recovery Centre (shelter) with a secret address where women and children feel safe and can be accommodated between 1 and 6 months. Women are encouraged to find a job, to continue their studies, and children are encouraged to go into a form of education. Individuals benefit from social vouchers for food, personal care products, clothing, etc. During the stay, the assisted person collaborates with Casa Blu specialists in order to find the best solutions to the problems they face and to mitigate the effects of abuse. At the end of the stay in the shelter, the assisted person must be able to live an independent life from the aggressor, acquire new skills to cope with violent situations and overcome victim status by becoming a survivor.
RomaniaBucharestCasa Blu Counselling Centre
4 Negru Vodă Street, Block C3A, Entrance 3, 3rd Floor
Ap. 43, District 3, Bucharest, Romania
021 311 46 36
0787 54 18 54
Association for Freedom and Gender Equality - A.L.E.G.The target group is made up of any person affected by gender violence, domestic violence, both the victim themselves and their dependants or other persons supporting the victim, regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, sex, sexual orientation, opinion, political affiliation.
Counselling centre for preventing and combating domestic violence (licensed service in 2016): information (by telephone, direct contact); individual psychological counselling, online information and counseling service, counselling and legal assistance, support group for the persons affected by domestic violence #SiEuReusesc
RomaniaSibiu0040 369 801 808
Women’s Association of SibiuVictims of domestic violence.
Since 2007, the Women's Association of Sibiu supported by the Women and Family Association of Norway has opened a Shelter called “Emergency Reception Centre for Women and Children Victims of Domestic Violence”.
The Women’s Association of Sibiu has been re-accredited since 2016 as provider of social services and provides these social services through the Shelter:
- identifying and evaluating cases of domestic violence;
- accommodation for a specific period for single women or with their children;
- guidance and orientation in the field;
- social, psychological and legal counselling;
- support services for different situations of difficulty.
RomaniaSibiu25 Avram Iancu Street0269.216580af.sibiu@yahoo.com
ANAIS AssociationTarget group represented by victims of domestic violence, women and children, but also elderly people.
- The ANAIS Association is a provider of social services for victims of domestic violence facilitating access to specialized services consisting of:
- social counselling and information
- psychological counselling / psychotherapy
- legal advice
- assistance before the court to obtain a protection order
- fixed-term hosting

The ANAIS Association has two specialized centres for victims of domestic violence:
The Counselling Centre for Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence
The Emergency Reception Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence - INVICTA Hous
The East European Institute for Reproductive Health
Victims of domestic violence can benefit from specialised assistance (psychological counselling, social assistance, legal counselling, social integration/reintegration) within two distinct social services with operating license:
The Centre for the Prevention and Combating of Domestic Violence
Shelter – The Emergency Reception Centre (residential centre with secret location according to the law)
RomaniaTargu-Mures1 Moldovei Street0265
Young Generation Association (Generatie Tânără)Victims of human trafficking
Counselling, psychological, social, legal assistance
RomaniaTimisoara8 Molidului Street0040 256 282 320
People to People FoundationVictims of trafficking in human beings, adults and minors, all forms of exploitation, both internal and external trafficking.
Pre-repatriation and repatriation assistance, social assistance, health care, psychological assistance, social integration/reintegration services, legal assistance, material assistance, financial support to overcome urgent situations and for clearly defined periods of time, facilitating access to a home.
RomaniaOradea36 Republicii
Betania AssociationVictims of human trafficking
The organisation provides the following types of services: accommodation for a specific period (according to the victim’s need), ensuring medical check-ups (they accompany the victims to specialised doctors and enroll them at the family doctor), ensuring food and personal hygiene, psychological counselling, legal counselling, vocational counselling (job finding, vocational retraining courses), re-enroll for the completion of high-school or university courses, and developing independent life skills.
RomaniaBacau19bis Nordului Street0040 234 206016office@asociatiabetania.ro
National Council for Assistance and Compensation of Victims of Crime•Drafting application forms for crime victims in Bulgarian, English, French and German as well as the various information forms for victims;
•Making policies, planning and presenting legislative and practical initiatives in the area of victim protection; coordinating the entities comprising it in their victim information and protection activities; commissioning and coordinating victimological research; training of victim support personnel;
•Supporting Bulgarian citizens having been victimized in another EU Member State in filling in their financial compensation requests and sending them to the competent authorities of the other Member State;
•Reviewing financial compensation requests through an expert commission;
•Deciding on these requests; and
•Paying compensations.
BulgariaSofia1 Slavyanska Street+359 2 9237
Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of BulgariaProsecution of all crimes of general natureBulgariaSofia2 Vitosha Blvd+359 2 986 7671
Ministry of Interior, General Directorate National PoliceInvestigation of crimes, informing victims about their rightsBulgariaSofia1 Alexander Malinov Blvdgdnp@mvr.bg
National Legal Aid BureauOrganises state-paid legal aid to victims together with local bar councilsBulgariaSofia1 Razvigor Street+359 2 8193200nbpp@nbpp.government.bg
National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human BeingsNational Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings determines and administers the implementation of the national policy and strategy in the area of combating trafficking in human beings, organizes and coordinates the interaction between institutions and organizations executing the anti-trafficking legislation, works to prevent trafficking in human beings and to protect, assist and reintegrate victims of trafficking.BulgariaSofia52A „G. M. Dimitrov“ Blvd+ 359 2 807 80 50office@antitraffic.government.bg
Association of Victim Support OrganizationsAll victims of crime.
Umbrella structure of victim support organizations created to elect a representative in the National Council for Assistance and Compensation of Victims of Crime and
give information about its member organizations throughout the country
Bulgaria+359 2 980 0262
Animus Association Foundation-Victims of all types of violence;
-Victims of domestic violence;
-Victims of human trafficking;
-Victims of sexual violence;
-Children victims of violence.
- Crisis intervention;
- Psychological consultation and support;
o Psychoanalytical psychotherapy
o Psychoanalysis
o Psychological consultations
o Short-term or long-term psychotherapy
o Couples therapy
o Clinical and social work/advocacy
- Legal consultations and procedural representation;
- Humanitarian assistance;
- Social support and empowerment.

BulgariaSofia85 Ekzarh Yossif Street+359 2 9835205
+359 2 9835305
+359 2 9835405
Bulgarian Fund for WomenVictims of gender based violence and their supporting organizations.
- raises funds and gives grants to local NGOs working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and discrimination, achieve gender equality in all spheres of life and make a social change;
- supports and empowers local NGOs working on gender issues and empowers girls and women by involving them in its network and making them active participants and drivers of the social change.
BulgariaSofia37B Parchevich Street+359 2 986 47 10office@bgfundforwomen.org
Women’s Association Ekaterina KaravelovaChild victims
Victims of gender-based violence
-Center for Social Support – a comprehensive social service for children and families to prevent abandonment of children and their institutionalization; prevention of violence and school dropout; consultation and support of families at risk.
BulgariaSilistra51 Vaptzarov Street, floor. 2+359 86 821 495
+359 86 820 487
Nadja Centre FoundationVictims of domestic violence, victims of human trafficking, child victims of violence.BulgariaSofia166 Knyaz Boris 1 Street+359 2 9819300centrenadja@abv.bg
Bulgarian Gender Research FoundationVictims of gender-based violence.BulgariaSofia33 Vasil Levski Blv02 963 53 57office@bgrf.org
Open Door Centre AssociationWomen and children victims of violence.
BulgariaPleven55 Neofit Rilski Street+359 64
SOS Families at Risk FoundationVictims of gender based violence and human trafficking.
BulgariaVarna21 Sinchetz Street +359 52 609 677
+359 52 613 830
Demetra AssociationVictims of trafficking, victims of domestic violence, children victims of violence.
BulgariaBurgas102a Sheynovo Street+359 56/81 office@demetra.bg
Dinamika Centre AssociationVictims of gender-based violence and human traffickingBulgariaRoussePanaiot Hitov Street+359 879453503office@dinamika-ruse.bg
A21Victims of human traffickingBulgariaSofia24 San Stefano Street+359 88 445
Social activities and practice instituteChildren and adult victims of violenceBulgariaSofia1 Victor Grigorovich Street+359 2 852 47 13sapi@sapibg.org
H&D Gender Perspectives FoundationVictims of domestic violenceBulgariaDimitrovgrad

1, Kliment Ohridski Str, fl. 1, office 1,Dimitrovgrad

Haskovo, 9, Pirin Street
+359391 2 5055 +359 879 130158
+359878 94 94 92
+359 38 624 685 +359 878 567 659 +359 879 132 080
Association NAIAVictims of domestic and gender based violence, sexual violence, children victims of violenceBulgariaTargovishte 37 Antim I Street+359601 67025
PULSE Foundation- Rehabilitation programme for children and adolescent victims of physical, mental and sexual violence, victims of forced prostitution, children at risk and their integration in the family and community, including mediation between the victim and perpetrator;
-Support and protection of women and children victims of violence towards social reintegration and personal realization and support for women’s intellectual, professional and spiritual development;
-Programmes for prevention and care of persons at risk using psycho-active substances.
BulgariaPernik2 Sredets Street+359 76
Knowledge, success, change AssociationVictims of gender-based violenceBulgariaBlagoevgrad1 James Bourchier Street+359 895 75 00
Gender Alternatives FoundationVictims of gender-based violenceBulgariaPlovdiv4 January Street+359 32 26 07 08
+359 879 260 101
Federal Ministry of Justice and consumer protectionEnsuring victim protection in general, implementing the Directive 2012/29/EU, and ensuring the international cooperation in criminal procedureGermanyBerlinMohrenstraße 37
10117 Berlin
030/ 18 580
Federal Office of JusticeCarries out functions in foreign maintenance proceedings and is the central point of call when it comes to cross-border criminal, civil and commercial matters;
operates the Federal Central Criminal Register
GermanyBonnAdenauerallee 99 – 103
53113 Bonn
+49 228 99 410-40
Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and YouthResponsible for ensuring the general framework for the social support of victims;
leadership of taskforces for combating domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual child abuse
GermanyBerlinGlinkastraße 24
10117 Berlin
03018/ 555 -
Federal Office of Family and Central Duties of the Civil SocietyOperates cooperation of the state, citizens, associations, unions, foundations and the nationwide
"Hilfetelefon Gewalt gegen Frauen" – helpline violence against women
Germany Köln Von-Gablenz-Str. 2-6
50679 Köln
Federal Ministry of InteriorResponsible for all questions of internal
affairs including public safety; to this
ministry is subordinated the Federal Police,
working at all borders and airports
and the Federal Criminal Police Office
(Bundeskriminalamt – BKA)
GermanyBerlinAlt-Moabit 140
10557 Berlin
+49-(0)30 18
Federal Criminal Police Office Responsible for the criminal proceedings
in international cooperation
in cases of child pornography, cybercrime,
organized crime, trafficking in human
beings, terrorism and extremism
GermanyWiesbadenThaerstraße 11
65193 Wiesbaden
Federal Office for Migration an RefugeesOperates in the issue of victims of crime,
which are migrants or refugees; in 2013 it published a paper on identification
of victims of trafficking in human beings
in international protection and forced
return procedures
GermanyNürnbergFrankenstr. 210
90461 Nürnberg
+49 911
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social AffairsResponsible for victim’s compensation
and operates in the challenges of this report the online-database for aggrieved parties of crime (Online-Datenbank für Betroffene von Straftaten – odabs)
GermanyBerlinWilhelmstraße 49
10117 Berlin
+49(0)30 18 527-0
White RingInstitution founded in the 1970s
working with every group of victims
All workers are voluntary members
Online-support is available
GermanyMainzWeberstraße 16
55130 Mainz
Federal association of rape crisis centers and women’s counselling centers – women against violenceCounselling center for women and girls aggrieved by gender based violent crimes; link for forwarding victims to regional specialized counselling centers is availableGermany
German Association for prevention and Intervention in cases of child-abuse and child-neglectAssociation for combating child-abuse, child-neglect and sexual abuse of children;
Available also further education for professionals working in the field of child-welfare-institutions
GermanyDüsseldorfSternstrasse 9 - 11
40479 Düsseldorf
0211 - 4976 80 0info@dgfpi.de
ECPAT Germany
Association for protection of exploited children
Part of international Association, combating exploitation of childrenGermanyFreiburgAlfred-Döeblin-Platz 1, 79100 Freiburginfo@ecpat.de
Association of sheltersFemale victims of domestic and sexual violence,Germany
Terres des femmes – Association for human rights of womenAssociation working for human rights in the issue of women rightsGermany
Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse IssuesResponsible federal government;
Fond for financial compensation
GermanyBerlinGlinkastraße 24
10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 18555 - 1551
Solidarity with women in distress*
Part of the international association SOLWODI, combating forced prostitution of women Germany
Zentrale Informationsstelle autonomer Frauenhäuser *
Association of autonomous shelterGermany
Foundation for victim support in Lower SaxonyFounded for victim support and victim protection in Lower Saxony in 2001; social support, professional psychosocial support and financial support is available as well as onlineadvice for victims all over the state of Lower Saxony;
Founded by the government of Lower Saxony
Foundation for victim support in Baden-WürttembergFounded for victim support and victim compensation in
Financial and social support is available
Foundation for victim support in
Founded for victim compensation and financial support for victim support in BavariaGermany
Foundation for victim support in
Founded for victim compensation and financial support in Rheinland-PfalzGermany
Foundation for victim support in
Founded for victim compensation and financial support for victim support in Schleswig-Holstein
German Federal Bar AssociationProfessional association of all bars in Germany, there are subdivisions in all federal statesGermanyBerlinLittenstraße 9
10179 Berlin
+49-30 - 28 49 39 –
Association of lawyers for accessory prosecutionAll victims of crimes, especially victims of sexual crimesGermanyBerlinKottbusser Damm 67,10961 Berlin (Neukölln)
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social AffairsRegarding and implementing victims pension by Victims Compensation Act at the pension officeGermanyBerlinWilhelmstraße 49
10117 Berlin
030 18 527 2236info@bmas.bund.de
Federal Ministry of
Responsible for all questions of health care;
- a special portal for migrants and asylum seekers;
- guidelines for information, cooperation and health care for victims of sexual abuse
GermanyBerlinFriedrichstraße 108, 10117 Berlin (Mitte) 030 18441-0 poststelle@bmg.bund(dot)de
Association for intervention in health care in cases of domestic and sexual violenceCoordination centre for intervention in health care in cases of domestic and sexual violenceGermany
Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse IssuesResponsible federal government;
Fond for financial compensation
GermanyBerlinGlinkastraße 24
10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 18555 - 1551 kontakt@ubskm.bund.de
The German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings– KOK e.V.KOK is a German NGO network and coordination office against trafficking in human beings. Currently, KOK consists of 37 member organisations across Germany. This is a unique network as it represents a broad variety of different groups, including faith-based organisations and sex workers' rights groups.GermanyBerlinKurfürstenstr. 33
10785 Berlin
+49 / 30 / 263 911 76 info@kok-buero.de
Justice DepartmentThe Ministry of Justice is responsible for judicial authorities, including the police, prosecutor's office, the courts, the prosecution, as well as migration and asylum and emergency preparedness. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for legislation in the areas of state and general administrative law, civil law, procedural law, criminal law and migration and asylum law.SwedenStockholm
Rosenbad 4

+46-08-405 10
The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority
The overall aim of the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority is to look after the rights of all crime victims and to draw public attention to their needs and interests.SwedenUmeåStorgatan 49+46(0)90-70 82 00registrator@brottsoffermyndigheten.se
The Swedish CourtThe Swedish Courts are the collective name for the courts' activities. The Swedish Courts include the General Courts, the General Administrative Courts, the Rental and Land Affairs Committees, the Legal Aid Authority, the Legal Aid Board.Sweden
Police AuthorityThe goal of the judiciary is to ensure the legal security of the individual.
The police authority, together with other authorities within and outside the judiciary, through its efforts, will contribute to the crime policy objective - to reduce crime and increase people's security.
Swedish Prosecution AuthorityThe prosecutor is an important link in the legal process involving the police, the prosecution service, the court and criminal care. It is the prosecutor who, within the bounds of the law, decides on whether legal proceedings are to be taken, and it is the prosecutor who leads the preliminary investigations and represents the State in court.SwedenStockholmP.O. Box 5553
114 85 Stockholm
10 562 50 00
The Swedish Bar AssociationThe Swedish Bar Association is the member organisation for Sweden’s practising lawyers.SwedenStockholmBox 27321
SE-102 54 Stockholm
+46-084590300 info@advokatsamfundet.se
Safehouse for childrenSafe house for children is a special place where children that are suspected of being subjected to violence or sexual assault are received. At the safe house, the children meet with representatives from the police authority, prosecutor’s office, doctors, social services and child psychiatry, at a safe, child friendly place. Sweden
The National Board of Health and WelfareThe National Board of Health and Welfare is a government agency under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, with a very wide range of activities and many different duties within the fields of social services, health and medical services, patient safety and epidemiology.SwedenStockholmRålambsvägen 3+46-(0)75 247 30 00socialstyrelsen@socialstyrelsen.se
County CouncilThe County Council is responsible for the county's residents receiving the health and dental care they need. In its function it is included everything from healthcare and health promotion to research, education and development.SwedenStockholmBox 6909, 102 39 Stockholm+46- 08-123 132 00 registrator.hsf@sll.se
The Salvation Army SwedenVictims of THB: Men, women, children and families of multiple exploitations, mostly sexual, prostitution, forced begging, forced labor.SwedenStockholmNybrogatan 79 B, 114 41 Stockholm+46(0)8-562 282
Noomi, part of the NGO Hela Människani MalmöWomen who are victims of domestic violence and women in prostitution and human trafficking.SwedenMalmöPoststugan 78, 21165 Malmö+46(0)
Talita SwedenWomen exploited in prostitution, human trafficking for sexual purposes.Sweden+46(0)704-304464info@talita.se
Victim Support SwedenVictims, witnesses and others affected by crimeSwedenStockholmFabriksväg 25
+46(0)8-644 88 00 info@brottsofferjouren.se
Swedish Association for Relatives of Sexually Abused ChildrenChildren exposed to abuse in SwedenSwedenStockholmBrännkyrkagatan 43,
+46(0)8-6442112 info@atsub.se
Multilingual helpline for immigrant women and girls
Terrafem is a non-profit organisation that works for the right of women of all ages to live in a society without the violence and abuse of men.SwedenStockholm Kungsholmsgatan 8+46(0)8-643 05 10info@terrafem.org
Save the Children SwedenChildren who experience violence or who are at risk.SwedenStockholmLandsvägen 39
+46 (0)8-698 90 00

Ada Women’s Shelter and Young Women’s Empowerment CentreAbused women, teen girls and childrenSwedenWomen shelter:
+46 (0)31 – 13 11 66
Teenagers shelter: +46(0)31 – 13 35 55
Legal advice: +46(0)31 – 13 35 96