Experts Meeting in Hannover Germany

An experts meeting was organized by the partner Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony as part of the project, Pro Victims Justice through an Enhanced Rights Protection and Stakeholders Cooperation, implemented with the financial support of the Justice Programme of the European Union. The meeting took place in Hannover city from 8 until 9 March 2018. At the event attended German, Romanian, Bulgarian and Swedish experts specialized in criminal law, the protection of victims’ of crimes rights and assistance. The objective of the meeting was to exchange expertise, best practices, between the 4 countries involved in the project, and also to make agreements on the development of two of the project’s publications: the referral assistance mechanism tool in domestic and cross-border cases and the victims’ rights booklet.

D 3.11. Working group meeting Germany – Agenda

D 3.11. Working group meeting Germany – Minute Report

Project Presentation
Victims Rights and Assistance in Romania
Victims Rights and Assistance in Germany
Präsentation kurz – engl.
Referral Mechanism Tool
Victims Booklet
Presentation victims rights Bulgaria

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